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The Department of Student Services is committed to supporting the educational achievement of all students.

What we offer

Each department within Student Services is designed to assist in creating a positive learning environment conducive to safe and academic growth, social and emotional development.


A learning environment that is free from harassment or bullying in any form.


Provides education to students who cannot attend school for 60 school days or more.


The promotion and protection of individual, family and community health.

community education

Programs offers an environment in which children have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Parent Reviews

Varsity Driving Academy COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Varsity Driving Academy has always taken safety very seriously. After all, teaching teens and adults how to drive is naturally dangerous. But there are ways to protect students like using safe vehicles, trained professionals, and picking safe locations to practice...

Safe Driving Tips for Summer

During the summer, more people can be found on the road. The weather conditions alone make for a great time to hit the road. People also are taking advantage of that weather by getting out and traveling both locally and by far distances. While this is a great time to...

Costa Mesa High School Ranking and Reviews

How well a high school performs its duties is easily monitored and can easily be compared to others. A high school is meant to provide a general education for students, provide the tools to continue their education after graduation and make sure students are prepared...

What is a Car Tune Up?

There are a few things that we must do to keep our cars in top shape as time goes on. You must always change the oil when needed, change the tires, check other fluids, and get a tune up. Many of those things you can learn to do on your own. But what is a car tune up?...

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