Adult Driving Education School

Adult Drivers Education Training

Do you need to obtain your license quickly? Varsity Driving School can help!

Prepare for your road test by signing up for Varsity Driving Academy’s DMV Approved Adult Driver’s Training.  

All children and adults need a permit to do lessons.  

Adults Drivers Education with Varsity Driving Academy

Our professional, friendly and patient instructors are extensively trained and DMV certified to teach you everything you need to know about driving. Whether you are an adult who is new to the United States, an international student, or you want to get familiar with California’s driving laws, we can help! After completing our class, you have confidence, command, and control when behind the wheel.

We Emphasize What is Most Important

  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Hazard Recognition

Our Training Vehicles are Favored by Adult Drivers

  • Fully equipped with dual brake control
  • Fully insured and inspected
  • Free Pick-up and Drop-off for your lessons
  • No hidden or surprise charges. Everything is included in the package price.

Set Yourself up for Success by Purchasing our DMV Test Package

Ensure that your DMV test goes as smoothly as possible by using the same vehicle you used for Adult Driver’s Training. You will have confidence the day of the test, knowing you will be comfortable on the road in an insured and registered vehicle you’ve already driven. We will even schedule your appointment for you! Not to mention all the other perks you will get:

  • Pick-up and drop-off before and after the DMV exam
  • Professional coaching before exam
  • Strategies and tactics to pass your behind-the-wheel exam on your first attempt
  • Orientation and familiarization with the expectations of your DMV examiner

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