Behind the Wheel

Behind the wheel training is one of the most crucial steps in receiving your license. This is when you will get experience driving in real life situations, putting everything we taught you to use. As a crucial step in the learning process, we pay special attention to behind the wheel training. Children and adults of all ages need a permit before taking behind the wheel lessons.

Here’s a list of everything we provide for your behind the wheel training at Varsity Driving Academy.

  • Private one-on-one lessons
  • Clean and very well maintained 2015-2019 Hyundai Elantra’s and Accents
  • Free pick-up and drop-off
  • Experienced, patient and positive instructors

Private One-on-One Lessons

In order to provide our full attention to you, the student, we like our behind the wheel training sessions to consist of two people in the car. That means the instructor, and the student will be the only two present while training. This ensures full confidence in each student to ask any questions. This privacy also allows for the student to learn at a pace they have set themselves.

Clean and Maintained Vehicles

We chose the Hyundai Accent and Electra models years of 2013 and newer as our training vehicles. They have great safety ratings which comes in handy in the event of the student wanting to test those safety ratings. Our vehicles are always up to date on their regular maintenance schedules. We also feel a clean environment is a great one to learn in, so our vehicles are kept clean.

Free Pick-up and Drop-off

We understand that our students or their families may have busy lifestyles, thats why we have no problem picking you up and dropping you off before and after each training session. This means that we can ensure you get the training you need, when you need it and put an end to missed lessons or rescheduling due to transportation issues.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have not only been driving for years, but training as well. They are certified and have gone through rigorous hoops to make sure they are fit enough to train you to drive. Our instructors will take into account that in the near future, they will be sharing the road with you, and so will make sure you’re a safe and well trained driver. While we like to give our students full control over their lessons, scheduling etc. there are a few guidelines that can’t be bent. These guidelines have been set by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and must be followed.
  • 6-month waiting period
  • Learners permit validation
  • 2-hour long lesson
In order to validate your drivers permit, you must attend one behind-the-wheel training session. After that, you’ll have to wait a period of 6 months before you can take your first behind-the-wheel driving test at the DMV. We like to take that time and use it wisely, however the following is just our recommendation, and in no way needs to be adhered to by the student. We recommend taking your first 2-hour session asap after receiving your learners permit. Then the second session would be in the middle of the 6 month period. The last session will be as close to the scheduled date for your license test. This schedule allows our instructors to figure out where the student needs improving, and which habits have been developed that need reinforcing. However, the student can change the schedule or choose to have more training sessions as they see fit. The most important part is that you learn how to drive safely, and defensively all while making sure a passing grade during the drivers test.  


  1. Hi, my name is Maggie Wang and I’ll be turning 16 in January. I’m interested in doing my 6 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction for my permit test with the instructors at varsity driving academy. Could you please let me know your availability as well as your pricing? I would like to start as soon as possible. Thank you!

  2. As an adult, does the 6-month waiting period also apply for scheduling?

  3. Hi I’m 16 and interested in doing my 6 hours of behind the wheel training with Varsity Driving Academy. How do I get a learners permit to start?

  4. Hi, I am a 69 years old woman that used to drive little and infrequent many many years ago. I do have a driver license but I haven’t driven in the last 23 years or so. Of course with age you become more insecure and now that I would like to resume driving I feel much less confident to do it. [ due that in the past I didn’t considered myself a good driver]

    I would like to know if it is possible to gain confidence at this age and drive safely again.
    Thank you very much

  5. How do I schedule my daughter’s first behind the wheel lesson if I just purchased the 6 hour driving package. She already has her permit.

    1. Please call us at 949-387-4400 to schedule your first behind the wheel training session.

  6. Hello,

    Kathryn Wagenblast passed her permit on Monday and is ready for her behind the wheel driving. Please give me a call with good times and dates for your team members. Thanks.


    1. Please call us at 949-387-4400 to schedule your first behind the wheel training session.

  7. Hi,

    I’m really interested in purchasing behind the wheel classes, I already have my permit which expires the end of July of this year. Will the expiration of my permit be an issue?

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for reaching out. There are many things that factor in to answer your question. Please call us today at 949-387-4400 so we may further assist you.

  8. Hi Team,

    I have been promised by girl in front desk. in that i can transfer to my Son due to COVID factor.
    June 11 2018 $295.00 for 6 hrs and she confirmed balance 4 hrs can be transfer.


    1. Hi, Shreya. Thank you for reaching out. The quickest way to address your concern is to give us a call at 949-387-4400.

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