Driving School Videos – Irvine and OC Behind the Wheel

Welcome to Varsity Driving Academy! You may be looking for the best driving school in Orange County and you have found it. Varsity Driving Academy teaches students how to drive safely and defensively. Defensive driving is a driving technique that gives you the best possible odds for staying safe while behind the wheel. Here, you will find driving school videos that cover a few basic skills, as well as show you how Varsity Driving Academy works. You could use these videos as a means of preparing for behind the wheel training or as refreshers for skills you might have already learned. Watch these videos and then register today for the best drivers ed in Orange County, Varsity Driving Academy.

Varsity Driving Academy Driver’s Ed Videos

How the Best Driving School in Orange County Works

Our Approach to Safety with Covid-19

Driving School Videos Push and Pull Steering Tutorial

4 Safe Driving Habits

How to Defrost Your Windows

Driving Errors to Avoid on DMV Test

DMV Traffic Test

Tips for Using Hand Signals While Driving

DMV Final Test Checklist