4.5 – Curb Markings


img_74Curb Markings are designed to regulate parking areas and spaces. They indicate that the parking is controlled, permitted, restricted, or not permitted.

White Curb

  • Allows very short stops, only to take or drop off passengers or to put mail in the mailbox.

Yellow Curb

  • Loading zone
  • A driver may stop, but only long enough to load or unload freight or passengers.
  • Stop for no longer than the local ordinances allow.
  • Drivers of non-commercial vehicles are usually required to remain in their vehicle in this zone.

Red curbs

  • No stopping, standing or parking. However, buses may stop at a red zone marked for buses, as red curbs usually indicate a bus stop.

Blue Curb

  • This indicates parking for the disabled only. In order to park in a blue zone the driver must display a placard or the license plate must be specially marked.

Green Curb

  • This indicates parking is for a limited amount of time. The time is usually posted on a sign next to or near the green zone or is painted on the curb.

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