8.4 – Identifying Drunk Drivers

Even if you do not drink, you may still become the unfortunate victim of a drunk driver. By learning to spot the warning signs, The chances of you becoming involved in an alcohol related motor vehicle collision are diminished. The following are usually the signs of a drunk driver driving in the roadway:

  • Makes unusually wide or illegal turns.
  • Straddles the centerline or lane marker.
  • Drives with one’s head out of the window or with the window down in cold weather.
  • Nearly strikes objects or other vehicles.
  • Often weaves or swerves.
  • Drives on other than the designated roadway.
  • Uses excessive speed.
  • Drives at a very slow rate of speed.
  • Stops for no apparent cause.
  • Follows too closely.
  • Drifts from one lane to another.
  • Rides with tires on the center lane or road marker.
  • Uses erratic braking patterns.
  • Drives into opposing or crossing traffic.
  • Responds slowly to traffic signals.
  • Uses rapid acceleration or deceleration.
  • Drives with headlights off at night.

callIf you see an apparent drunk driver on the road, give them a lot of space, as their driving is very unpredictable. Call 911 and report drunk drivers before they have a chance to kill or injure someone!

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