Driving Lessons in Santa Ana – The Best Driving School

There are many reasons to love Santa Ana. The ability to attend the best driving school in Orange County is one of them. Varsity Driving Academy provides teens and adults with the best driving lessons in Santa Ana. Students learn more than just the basics and certified trainers help instill safe driving habits for a safer experience on the road. The goal is to keep the community as safe as possible by providing each student with the best foundation they can utilize to build driving skills on.

The best driving lessons in Santa Ana are available at the best driving school for teens and adults, Varsity Driving Academy.

Online Driving Lessons

The first step is to learn the basics. Students must learn the most basic of driving laws as well as the more complicated situational ones. This sets the stage for driving safely while also giving students the knowledge needed to avoid getting pulled over. The basics can be taught like any other class, through reading and instruction. Online driving lessons are fully capable of teaching students what they need to know to be safe drivers. In fact, online driving school allows students to make their own schedules, learn at their own pace, and to fully understand the things they need to know to get started.

Driving Lessons in Santa Ana Training Vehicle Parked in a Parking Lot

Behind the Wheel Training – Driving Lessons in Santa Ana

The best driving lessons in Santa Ana are not just about learning the basics. Students must also be given a chance to practice driving under strict supervision. The goal is to make sure students can control and handle a vehicle safely. Varsity Driving Academy offers one on one lessons for each student. Students feel more comfortable asking questions when they are alone with a certified trainer. The sessions are set up so that there is a total of 6 hours with a certified trainer. That means there are 3 sessions with each one lasting 2 hours. The DMV requires teens to get 6 hours of training with a certified trainer. However, Varsity Driving Academy also offers additional hours with a certified trainer if needed.

Free Pick-Up and Drop Off

Behind the wheel training is not always easy. Students and parents must work together to make sure each other’s schedules are clear enough to fit in the sessions. However, Varsity Driving Academy has made this step even easier with a free pick-up and drop off service. This service is part of why Varsity Driving Academy provides the best driving lessons in Santa Ana. A certified trainer will pick up the student from home, work, or school and start the session immediately. The trainer will drop the student off at home after the session is complete. This makes scheduling each session much easier.

Driving Lessons in Santa Ana Inside of a Training Vehicle

DMV Package

The best driving lessons in Santa Ana go above and beyond for students. One way Varsity Driving Academy goes the extra mile is with the DMV package. Students and parents can add the DMV package to gain access to a concierge-type experience. Varsity Driving Academy will schedule DMV appointments for the student, provide necessary paperwork, and even pick up the student for the final test at the DMV. Students will also be able to use the training vehicle for the final test. There are more ways Varsity Driving Academy goes above and beyond for students and you can discover them all today.