Long Beach Behind The Wheel Training

Varsity Driving Academy has closed its Long Beach location. If you’re interested in signing up with VDA to learn how to drive and how to remain safe, please contact our Irvine office at (949)-387-4400.

Varsity Driving Academy Long Beach Driving School is the go to driver’s education course for students looking for flexibility. Our focus is not to just to teach students how to drive, but how to drive safely and pass the final test at the DMV. We also are proud to offer our services not only to teens looking to get their license for the first time, but to adults who need to take a driver’s ed course as well. So no matter what your age, we are ready to teach you or remind you how to drive safely and defensively.

How does our Long Beach driving school in LA County differ from the rest?

  • Long Beach Driving School Behind The WheelThe first step at our driver’s ed in Long Beach is to teach you the basics of safe driving. Using our online courses, students can create a login and save any progress they make. Once your progress is saved, you can sign out and pick back up where you left off whenever you have the time.
  • While our courses are online, you can always reach one of our certified instructors with any questions that you might have. We know that some things may need clarification, which is why we want to be available to you to clear things up.
  • Once you’re ready to start behind-the-wheel training there are many options from which you can choose. The DMV makes it mandatory to have at least 3, 2-hour sessions, but if you feel you need more time, we can accommodate you.
  • We also offer a pick-up service for students who need a ride to their training sessions. One of our certified instructors will pick you up in our certified training vehicle to get started.
  • Our certified vehicles do not have placards stating that you are a driver in training. This is because we feel it will take away from the real world experiences you may get without one.
  • All of our services are included in one of the many packages we offer. You only need to pick the package that fits you and sign up.

Long Beach Driving School

Long Beach Driver’s Education Program

While we currently don’t offer an in-class option for students in Long Beach, our online course will teach the same safe driving methods. We take just as much care in our online course as we do our in-class courses. We feel confident that each student will walk away knowing safe procedures, regulations and all other aspects of driving on the roads in Long Beach. Altogether, there is a total of 30 hours of learning online that can be done at your convenience. Our online course covers 22 chapters in total, each having a test that you must pass with at least a 75% to move onto the next chapter. Though if you get stuck, you can always contact VDA Driving School in Long Beach to get help.

Why should you choose Varsity Driving Academy?

We take pride in teaching students how to drive safely and how to pass all tests required to get your license. Our methods have been proven in Orange County and it’s surrounding areas as we’ve been named the #1 driver’s ed option in many local cities. All of our instructors are certified and have years of experience not only driving, but teaching as well. We also make sure our cars are up to date with state regulations and are easy to learn while driving. Here at Varsity Driving Academy Long Beach we are ready to teach and ready to pass our accumulative experience onto you. Contact VDA Driving Academy School in Long Beach for more information or check out our Long Beach City page for more information.

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