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Savanna High School students choose Varsity Driving Academy for the best driving lessons around. We are the top rated driving school in the area, with a focus on keeping students safe by teaching defensive driving. We keep students safe and vigilant in many ways, and you can learn a bit more about our services below.

Welcome to Varsity Driving Academy Savanna High School Driving School!

Savanna High School students, take advantage of our free pick-up and drop-off service for behind the wheel training sessions. Keep your attention on learning and not on how you will get to and from sessions.


Online School

Learning online is helping students everywhere regain their freedom and manage their time as they see fit. The importance of adapting to the times is something Varsity Driving Academy takes very seriously. By offering our top rated lessons online, students can learn to drive safely and defensively on their own time. Students only need to sign up for one of the many different packages we offer, create a username and password and get started immediately. Students can log out whenever they want, and come back when time is available. It’s as easy as that. Once you’ve completed the DMV approved course, you can move onto the next step.

Behind-The-Wheel Training

A crucial part of learning how to drive is getting behind the wheel and practicing. In order to create safe driving habits, a trained Varsity Driving trainer will accompany every student. The first session will be to validate the learner’s permit provided by the DMV. We will also be discovering strengths and weaknesses. The standard number of sessions is three, but students can sign up for more if wanted. Every session will be to improve upon skills and put an end to bad habits forming. Each session is one on one between a student and the trainer. We want our students to feel safe and comfortable asking questions. After our training sessions, it’s time to move onto the final test at the DMV.

DMV Package

Everyone wants the best of the best and the DMV package is the best of Varsity Driving Academy. The DMV Package has many different aspects to it that include a collaboration with you to set up all of your DMV meetings ahead of time. We will also provide you with a car to use for the test itself. Once you’ve passed the test, we’ll celebrate with you by way of a little dance in the parking lot! Have any thoughts about what we offer? Please contact us for more information regarding our utilities at (949) 387-4400.

Varsity Driving Academy Vehicle Spotlight

Varsity Driving Academy

We make sure our vehicles are the safest available by choosing top rated safety vehicles.

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