Backing Up a Vehicle Driving School Guide

Driving is meant to take you places, cutting travel time from point a to point b and beyond, and keep you moving forward. However, you will sometimes need to go backward to go forward. For new drivers, backing up a vehicle isn’t exactly the easiest part of driving. Luckily, driving isn’t a new trend and has been perfected over the years. Since the art of driving has been perfected over time, that means there are plenty of tips and tricks to staying safe while behind the wheel. 

Getting tips on backing up a vehicle and putting them to use is the best way to be prepared.

To move forward, we sometimes need to go backward, that's why it's important to know what you're doing when backing up a vehicle.

Practice Makes You Better

Like with everything else, practicing is the only way you will get better at something. Look for a wide street with little to no traffic. You can also practice any aspect of driving in an empty parking lot with an adult or licensed driver.

Getting Ready

Before starting to reverse, your left hand should be placed on the steering wheel at the top. Put your foot on the brake and shift the vehicle into reverse. Keep your foot on the brake until you’re ready to reverse.

Know Your Surroundings

Even though you will be reversing, look ahead to traffic that may be coming towards you or where you’ll be when reversing. You should also check for children playing, animals, or anything else that could be considered an obstacle in your path. Once you are confident that you are clear of any obstacles, you can release the parking brake. We will revert to this step soon.


Hand Placement

To get the best possible view when moving in reverse, its’s easier to refer to hand placement. Your left hand will remain on the wheel, controlling the direction you go. Move your right hand to the back side of the passenger seat. By moving your right hand to that spot, you will need to turn your body to the right naturally. Now, you will be able to see through the rear window of your vehicle.

Time to Reverse

Slowly release the brake pedal so your car begins to move. While the vehicle is in motion, quickly glance to the left to look out your front window. Keep your right hand as steady as possible so as not to make the vehicle move too fast. You can slowly turn to whatever side you need your car to turn. Once you’ve made it to your desired spot, slowly press on the brake. Turn back to the front of your vehicle and shift into drive or park.