Intersections drivers ed is only part of the learning experience at Varsity Driving Academy, but you can get a head start on learning before you go.

Intersections Drivers Ed Tips

There are many different types of intersections people come across when driving. Some intersections have traffic lights, others have signs, and some don’t have anything. Intersections drivers ed is a big part of behind the wheel training with Varsity Driving Academy. We will go over the basics of intersection etiquette to make sure safety is achieved while driving. With so many different types of intersections, it’s important to get a head start on learning.

To prepare for intersections drivers ed, learn the basics and then deep dive with Varsity Driving Academy.

Intersections drivers ed is only part of the learning experience at Varsity Driving Academy, but you can get a head start on learning before you go.

Traffic Light Intersections

A traffic light intersection can usually be found in busy parts of any town or city. The goal of the traffic light is to help control traffic. However, no intersection is perfect. It’s the responsibility of every driver to stay aware of traffic before and after the intersection. If there will not be enough space for you to clear an intersection wait before entering. You can get a ticket for blocking an intersection after a light turns red. Look both ways before entering the intersection and make sure it’s safe to proceed. Also be aware of pedestrians crossing the street, especially if you’re making a turn. One of the best ways to stay as safe as possible is to hover your foot above the brake pedal, so you can be prepared to stop if you need to stop.

Uncontrolled Intersections

An uncontrolled intersection is one that has no signs or signals. There are a few things to look for at an uncontrolled intersection. Drivers need to judge their speed, the distance between vehicles in front of them, and space during heavy traffic. The goal is to slow your speed, keep a distance so you can stop if needed, and maintain the intersection clear for cross traffic. Raising the level of danger for uncontrolled intersections is not being able to see cross traffic. When you can’t see clearly, these are called blind intersections.To stay safe, lower speed to 15 MPH and look for pedestrians first. If there are no pedestrians, look left, then right, then left again before entering the intersection. If you still can’t see while on approach, slow down even further. Once you know the cross street is clear, enter the intersection.


Another form of intersection is a round about. In a roundabout, a driver enters a road that follows around a circle divider with roads that all stem off in different directions. A roundabout has many different rules to follow, and we’ve covered most of them. Drivers must be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles that may enter from other entry points at all times. If you miss your exit, you’ll need to continue through the roundabout until you reach your exit again. before entering a roundabout, look to the right to ensure no vehicles are coming, then look to the left for possible pedestrians. Once clear, you may enter the roundabout. Check for clearances before exiting when you’re ready.