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Where to Take Laguna Niguel Driving Lessons

There are plenty of options for Laguna Niguel driving lessons. However, the best place to get driving lessons in Laguna Niguel is at Varsity Driving Academy. Students will be given the tools they need to learn as much as they can about safe driving and how to pass the tests at the DMV.

Varsity Driving Academy offers the best Laguna Niguel driving lessons for teens and adults who want to learn how to drive.

Laguna Niguel Driving Lessons | Step by Step

Varsity Driving Academy offers the best Laguna Niguel driving lessons for teens and adults who want to learn how to drive. Learning how to drive means completing the steps that have been created to ensure the roads are filled with safe drivers. These steps teach students the basics of driving and driving maneuvers that keep them safe as well as others on the road. The first step is to attend a driving school. Driving schools are the only places that have been certified to teach students how to drive. In fact, driving instructors must sign a learner’s permit to validate it so that teens can drive with adults 25 years old or older. The steps are as follows:

  • Attend a driving school and complete the course
  • Apply for a learner’s permit and pass the written test at the DMV
  • Practice driving with a certified trainer as well as with a parent or guardian over the age of 25 with a driver’s license
  • Apply for a driver’s license and pass a driving test at the DMV

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The Course and Written Test

The driving course in Laguna Niguel covers all of the basics of driving. Students will also practice situational examples that have been found to be more common than others. The goal is to familiarize each student with driving and with some of the more common situations. These things often pop up on the written test and completely make up the driving test at the DMV. The course can be taken online with Varsity Driving Academy, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Laguna Niguel Behind the Wheel Training

Behind the wheel training is the most important part of Laguna Niguel driving lessons. This is the student’s chance to get behind the wheel and put everything they have learned into practice. This is also the last time a student will be training with a certified trainer. That means this is the time to ask any questions about driving and make sure you fully understand every answer. Varsity Driving Academy ensures that only the student and the trainer are in the vehicle during each session. The goal is to create a safe environment in which the student can feel comfortable asking questions.

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Defensive Driving

There are many driving techniques that people employ while driving, some without even knowing. But the safest way to drive is defensive driving. Defensive driving is the act of driving while also paying attention to as many distinct factors around you as possible. For example, you can tell when a car is going to change lanes before they even put a blinker on in most cases thanks to defensive driving. You simply pay attention to the position of the car in front of you.

The more to the left of a lane they are the more likely they are waiting for their moment to change lanes. Being able to see things like this allows you to make a judgement call on what you should do next. You should take your foot off the gas and coast with your foot hovering over the brake in that example, just in case they are changing lanes because the car in front of them is moving too slowly. Sounds difficult, however, this gets easier over time and can be taught during behind the wheel training sessions.