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Finding the right parking space can be hard sometimes, but even if you found one, actually parking in it can be as well. Drivers must always be aware of the angle of their car, proximity to the car next to them. Parking can be even more challenging if a new driver is parking between two vehicles. Having to park between two cars even makes some people skip an open spot for one with more space around it.

However, there is the perfect way to park between two cars that make everything easier.

Finding the right parking space can be difficult, but parking between two cars can make people search even longer unless you have some tips.

Find The Right Spot

It’s important that drivers not only find a place that’s open but a place that works for their car. If one or both of the other two vehicles are parked at odd angles, it’s best to skip it. Don’t try to force your car into a spot just because it’s open.

Shopping Carts

When parking in a parking lot of a retail store, avoid parking near cart returns or scattered shopping carts. Parking near a cart return or scattered carts increases the chance of getting your car damaged.

Time of Day Matters

Parking at night requires a bit more caution when choosing a spot. Try and find a place near a source of light. This will not only be useful for leaving and entering your vehicle but will also prevent theft.

Entering Position

Before parking in a spot, slowly move your vehicle to the center of the parking aisle. If the aisle is a one-way aisle, pull all the way to the other side of the aisle opposite of the open parking space.

Parking Between Two Cars VDA

Start To Park

When your the front bumper of your vehicle is half way past the open parking space, stop your vehicle.

Wide Turn

Angle your wheels towards the parking space. Begin to slowly pull into the space at a wide angle. Keep an eye on both sides of your vehicle to make sure there is enough space on either side.

Keep it Turning

As you slowly move into the parking spot, keep turning your wheel. Until your car is parallel with the other cars on either side. Then straighten out your steering wheel.


Pull as far forward as you can into the spot. Once comfortable with the location of your vehicle, turn off the ignition and exit your vehicle.

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