Share The Road With Bicycles and Motorcycles

Tips to Share The Road With Bicycles and Motorcycles

The weather is starting to change making the sun shine a bit brighter as we enter the months of summer. The sunshine makes perfect road conditions for motorcycle and bicycle riders everywhere. However, this doesn’t usually mean there is a shortage of cars on the road. Just in time for the increase of motorcycles and bicycles on the road, May is the month of Bicycle and Motorcycle safety. This means it’s time to remind drivers about how to share the road with bicycles and motorcycles and how to do it properly.

The California Office of Traffic Safety brings us important tips on how to share the road with bicycles and motorcycles.

It's time for a refresher course on sharing the road with bicycles and motorcycles. Especially since May is Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety Month.

For The Motorists:

Perform Regular Checks

It is important for drivers to be aware of the weather and the high possibility of bicyclists of all types on the road. Utilize your mirrors and keep an eye out specifically for bicyclists. The most important times to be aware is when changing lanes or entering/exiting driveways and parking lots.

Alert Cyclists

It is never a good idea to change lanes or make a turn without using your blinkers. However, it is even worse when sharing the road with bicyclists and motorcycles are in your vicinity. Use your blinkers to let them know your intentions and the can maneuver properly.

The Three to Four Rule

Nobody likes a tailgater and tailgating is very unsafe no matter who is in front of you. Bicyclists and motorcycles are constantly at higher risk when tailgating. They need time to properly move around obstacles in the road or make an emergency stop. So be sure you give them the space they need by staying 3-4 seconds behind them.

Share The Road With Bicycles Cyclists

For The Cyclist:

What to Wear

Cyclists are far from the size of a vehicle on the road, but there are ways to make you more noticeable. Wear brightly colored clothing while on a bicycle or motorcycle. Reflective gear is even better if possible and will keep you in driver’s sights anytime of the day.

Use The Hand

Everyone has been taught what hand signals to use in the event of a broken blinker. While you may think that these are forgotten traffic laws, they’re still very useful. Especially if you don’t have a blinker on your bicycle. Use hand signals before changing lanes, making turns or stopping when you can.

Follow The Laws

Often times, cyclists forget that they need to adhere to the same traffic laws as vehicles. Don’t be that statistic, instead, follow the laws properly. Obey traffic signals and signs, signal intentions and travel with the flow of traffic. Those are just a few of the ways you can remain safe and enjoy the weather on the road.