Driving Tips For Summer Safety

Safe Driving Tips for Summer

During the summer, more people can be found on the road. The weather conditions alone make for a great time to hit the road. People also are taking advantage of that weather by getting out and traveling both locally and by far distances. While this is a great time to hit the road, it’s important to keep safe driving tips for summer in mind.Unfortunately, people think that since the rains have passed and the snow has melted, that road conditions are safer. That lax in thinking can cause for even more dangers.

Utilize as many safe driving tips for summer as possible and enjoy the season.

Everyone needs to utilize driving tips for summer, especially with all of the travel we're about to do. Are you ready?

The People

During the summer, the number of people enjoying the outdoors rises. Walking, bicycles, motorcycles and more forms of transportations are being used daily. Sharing the road and paying attention to your surroundings is very important. Even more so during the summer than any other time of year.

Teen Drivers

During the summer, it’s important to make sure your teen is also thinking about safety while behind the wheel. Stats show that during the months of June, July and August, deaths of teen drivers rises by 38%. Defensive driving and learning how to do it right is the best defense parents have to help ensure safety while on the road.


The summer months are also prime time for outdoor construction. That means drivers will be passing through more cone zones. Stay safe and keep construction workers safe as well by always being prepared to pass through a cone zone.

Driving Tips For Summer Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits

No matter what time of year it is, having an emergency kit is a great way to be prepared. Those kits should include car chargers for cell phones, first aid kits, flashlights,flares, white flag, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, car jack, change of clothes, gloves, non-perishable foods, water, spare medications, maps, blankets and work gloves. Being prepared for any situation is the best we can do as responsible drivers and road trip takers.

Summer Heat

Not every part of the country gets as hot as others, but cars have a way of absorbing heat and keeping it in the car. There are ways to quickly cooling down the car. One way is to crank up the air conditioning and open the windows while driving. That will circulate the cold air through the car faster. Once most of the heat is out of the car, roll the windows up.


People are very concerned about their tires during the winter, but the summer is just as important. The mixture of hot pavements combined with heavier loads, long periods of travel, and hot air in your tire is the perfect recipe for a blown out tire. Check your tires regularly for wear and pay attention to temperature hikes. If it gets really hot outside, you should definitely check your tires that day.


We all should stay hydrated during the summer, but so should our cars. Don’t let coolant levels drop too low, especially during the summer. Before heading on a road trip, or driving a long distance, check your coolant levels and refill if necessary.