There are a few things that we must do to keep our cars in top shape as time goes on. You must always change the oil when needed, change the tires, check other fluids, and get a tune up. Many of those things you can learn to do on your own. But what is a car tune up?

Asking what is a car tune up is a good thing, it means you want to learn about how to care for your car which is the responsible thing to do.

Physical Exam

Asking what is a car tune up is a good thing, it means you want to learn about how to care for your car which is the responsible thing to do. No, a car tune up is not about your physical health. However, this is an easier way to look at what is a car tune up. We all have physical exams with our doctors to get an idea of where our health is headed. Doctors test our bodies to find out if there are any troubling signs that could mean something bad is working inside our bodies. That is sort of what a car tune up is. However, instead of for our bodies it is for our cars.

General Tune Ups

What is a car tune up? The answer may vary depending on where you go and who works on your car. However, there are a few general things that are done often. The mechanic will be checking parts that need cleaning, fixing, or even replacing. Most of these parts include things like filters, belts, spark plugs, and hoses. These things don’t require a lot of effort to check, a visual check is usually fine.

What is a Car Tune Up Person Working on the Engine of a Car


It is important to clean filters every now and then. Fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters can get clogged up over time and that means the car is not running optimally. There may not be a major problem at first. But things get more and more clogged over time and that could lead to higher oil pressure, fuel pump failure, and some expensive damages to the engine. A simple switch or cleaning can help you avoid that altogether.

Spark Plugs

Have you ever been at a stop light and your car is just rumbling for no reason? That could be the spark plugs. It is important to keep the spark plugs in working order because they help get the car started and running. What is a car tune up? It is a process in which the spark plugs are all checked and worn ones are replaced. This will help keep your car starting smoothly and idling even more smoothly.

What is a Car Tune Up Person Checking the Oil of a Car

Other Parts

A good mechanic will be very thorough with the tune up and not just leave it at filters and spark plugs. Instead, the mechanic will go through and check belts, hoses, and other moving parts to ensure they are still in working order. Everything wares over time and that could lead to dangerous situations. It is important to check these things before they get too bad so they can be fixed, cleaned, or changed altogether. The only question left is, when to get a tune up?

Tune Up Schedule

Oil changes happen far more often than tune ups. In fact, as technologies continue to advance, the need for tune ups lessens. Time for cars is measured in distance. That means a tune up should occur every 50,000-100,000 miles driven. Most cars won’t alert that a tune up is needed so you will need to monitor your mileage. This timeframe is for newer cars, older cars, like cars older than 1970, need a tune up every 10,000 miles.

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