5 Stats Teenage Drivers Need to Know

The saying knowledge is power can be applied to just about everything in life. As we age we grow through stages of knowledge. As a child we are learning, as a teen we think we know everything, as an adult we begin to learn again and as seniors we begin to pass that knowledge down. Applications of knowledge through each stage of life changes, and as parents it’s important that we share some knowledge with our teens. Especially as they embark on their journey from behind the wheel.

Stats Your Teenage Driver Should Know

There are a few stats that every parent should know, and pass onto their teenage drivers to help ensure their safety while on the road.

Teenage Driver With Teenage Driver
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Teens love the idea of being free and having the ability to travel with friends. However, with friends is one of the most dangerous times a teen can be behind the wheel. A couple of ways to combat this danger is to either not drive at all with other teens in the car or set strict rules while doing so. No need for added distractions from other teens, remain quiet and seated.

Distracted Teenage Driver
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Distracted driving is a bigger risk amongst teen drivers and is harmful to them and others on the road. However, distractions come in many forms besides a smartphone. Friends in the car, loud music, doing makeup, eating. There are so many different ways to get distracted while driving; though smartphones are the biggest problem when it comes to teen drivers.

50 Percent of Teenage Drivers Text
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Even with apps and other methods, teens continue to use their smartphones while driving. This is where strong parenting will come into play. How you choose to ensure your teen is not using their smartphone in the car is entirely up to you. Just make sure teens are fully aware of the dangers and understand they will be held responsible.

#1 Cause of Teenage Driver deaths
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While having a license is a privilege, not a right, it feels like a right as a teen. The right to explore and grow, the right to become their own person. Most importantly, having a license allows you to operate a very dangerous machine, openly, surrounded by others.

Two Years Teenage Driver
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Our first steps are always wobbly and this truth extends to behind the wheel. It is only after a minimum of two years that drivers begin to be considered “experienced”. Teens should be aware that passing the tests and receiving your license does not make you a pro. It takes time to learn how to react to every situation.

These are all reasons why defensive driving is our focus at Varsity Driving Academy. Teaching teens to remain safe and how to react to many different situations is our goal. Contact us today to sign up and start your teen off on the right wheel.