April 2019 Things to do in Orange County

Spring has officially begun and that means it is time to start spending even more time outside. Luckily, there are many fun April 2019 things to do in Orange County that will help you get outdoors. Many of these events are spring oriented and provide things to do for...

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San Juan Capistrano High School Attendance Options

San Juan Capistrano is part of the Capistrano Unified School District. What that means is, if you live within a specific area near San Juan Capistrano, the schools you attend will be Capistrano Unified School District schools. The high schools that make up the...

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Fun April Fool’s Day Ideas for Teens

April Fool’s Day is here and even if it’s not, pranks are always fun in the right situations. But there are so many different pranks and some of them have been outplayed. What we need are some fun April Fool’s Day ideas for teens to prank their friends, families, and...

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San Clemente High School Ranking and Reviews

High schools in California are compared and ranked in a few different areas like academics, equity, and environment. Many different things factor into each category and then stats are compared to determine a ranking. Parents can use the San Clemente High School...

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Things to do in March 2019 in Orange County

Spring is coming and Orange County is the perfect place to be to see it come into full bloom. There are many different things to do in March 2019 in Orange County that help you celebrate the end of winter and the coming of spring. The goal is to get out and enjoy your...

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El Modena High School Ranking and Reviews

Orange County has many different schools, but it is just one county in a state filled with them. That means there are a roughly 1,339 different public high schools in California. Each public high school is ranked, by different organizations. The goal of that rank is...

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Driving Tips & Care

How to Cool Down a Hot Car in Summer

Summer is great for heading to the many beaches in Orange County or for hanging out by the pool in your own backyard. The heat makes summer the perfect time to spend more time outdoors but also the perfect time to stay as cool as possible. What the heat is not good...

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Best Places for an Oil Change in Costa Mesa

One of the most common things we need to do to our vehicles is the oil change. An oil change makes sure our car has clean oil to run on and helps the engine run smoothly. While an oil change is relatively basic and doesn’t take much time to do, many people don’t know...

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How Often Should you Rotate your Tires

There are plenty of things that need to be done to keep your car running as well as possible. Changing your oil, checking filters, and rotating your tires to name a few. Many of the car maintenance tasks that need to be done can be done on your own. If you’re not sure...

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5 Best Places for an Oil Change in Tustin California

Many people fear getting work done on their vehicle. The fear is not because the mechanics are not trained, or because they need to fit the maintenance in their schedule. Instead, the fear is out of getting cheated. Rumors of being told something needed to be fixed...

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Things to do in Orange County

Orange High School Ranking and Reviews

There are many things that factor into the ranking of a high school like the test scores of the students, the success rates of all students and the environment in which students learn. Orange High is no different and the Orange High School ranking will tell parents...

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Capistrano Valley High School Ranking and Review

Knowing how a school performs compared to other schools is a great way to determine what parents and staff can do to improve. There is always room for improvement and when it comes to providing an education to teens, it’s important to understand where that improvement...

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7 Awesome Sandwich Shops in Irvine

There are many different places to eat in Irvine, California from many different cultures and countries. While there are many different options in Irvine, getting a sandwich could be just as exciting. The important thing is that you eat at one of the most awesome...

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Tustin Ranch Golf Club Things to Know

Orange County is a beautiful place to golf, especially since rain rarely ruins a game and the weather is almost always perfect for outside activities. One of the best places to golf in Orange County is at Tustin Ranch Golf Club. This golf club has been awarded the...

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Safety Tips

9 Safe Driving Tips for the New Year

Defensive driving means being prepared for any situation that may arise on the roadways. This is the best way to avoid accidents as you stay vigilant the entire time you’re behind the wheel band you maneuver the vehicle to avoid any dangerous situations. But there is...

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Tips for Driving into the New Year

The best tips for driving into the new year will require you to make some changes, some resolutions. Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around bettering your health, setting new life goals, and involve your career in some way. But it will be just as easy to throw in...

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Tips for Driving with Pets to Reduce Distractions

Many of us know that for teen drivers, reducing distraction is important. One of the best ways to reduce distractions is by making sure teens don’t drive with friends in their cars but what about pets? Pets are friends and often times, less controllable than human...

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Driving Tips for Beginners that you Must Know

Everything that has to do with driving on the road and staying safe will be covered in driving school. However, there are some things that can help enforce the things you’ve learned at Varsity Driving Academy. Driving tips for beginners take into account a few smaller...

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