Irvine, California is known as one of the safest cities in the country. However, while safety is an obvious priority in Irvine, schooling equally important. Portola High School is a mix between junior high and senior high school students. Students in grades 7-12 may attend Portola High School.

Irvine is known for its safety and family-oriented community and now, the Portola High School is one school that helps teach the community.

Thanks to Great Schools, parents can see how Portola High School ranks in many different areas when compared to state averages. Irvine is known for its safety and family-oriented community and now, the Portola High School is one school that helps teach the community.

Portola High School Ranking | Academics

Academics are the most important aspect of a school and are crucial when it comes to ranking. How a school’s students perform in academics will directly affect the ranking of the school. Portola High School ranks higher than most California schools according to Great Schools, a nonprofit website that analyzes schools everywhere.

Test scores at Portola High School are just above the state average. However, there is an impressive 100% graduation rate with 42% of students being ready for a four-year college. Lastly, Portola High has an average number of students attending advanced courses. These students may choose from the eight different advanced courses offered.

Portola High School Ranking | Equity

The equity of a school isn’t as easy to rank. However, Great Schools has provided some very interesting insight to schools that help determine the equity. According to Great Schools, “schools that close the gap between different student groups are doing something right!”

Those groups include different races, financial backgrounds and if a student has any disability. At Portola High in Irvine, all students are testing at or just above the state average. Students with disabilities are succeeding more often at Portola High which is really impressive when compared to other schools.

The state average is about 13% of students with disabilities receiving passing test scores. At Portola High School, that rate of success is 28%.

Irvine is known for its safety and family oriented community and now, the Portola High School is one school that helps teach the community.

Photo Credit: Portola High School

Portola High School Ranking | Environment

Students spend more time at school than they do at home. The environment of a school can helps shape the way students look at many distinct aspects of life. Currently, Portola High has a somewhat diverse group of students. White and Hispanic students make up the majority of the school with Filipino, Black, Pacific Islander and Asian students in lower numbers.

There are also 47% of students who are female and 53% of students who are male. The most impressive aspect and most important one is the ratio of students to the staff at Portola High. The state average is currently 22 students to every 1 teacher. At Portola High, the ratio is 15 students per 1 teacher.

Even more impressive is the ratio that represents how many teachers have more than 3 years of experience. Currently, 100% of teachers at this school has 3 or more years of experience.

Varsity Driving Academy

Portola High School students have access to one of the best driving schools in Orange County, Varsity Driving Academy. Students can access our online school which allows them to take the class whenever they have the time. General studies are especially important and learning how to drive doesn’t need to get in the way of an education.

There is even a free pickup and drop off service that students can take advantage of, so they don’t need to miss a single class.

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